Jasmine Justice

Laser jet print on A4 paper
Perky Pat Layout, painting

Sometimes I really love the initial image I get from the first stage of making a painting. It’s not what I’d want from a painting, but not wanting to let it go, I make a different kind of work from these states. At first I was surprised by an added bonus; the light and ground when captured photographically create another zone in time and space. These are made out of laser jet prints on A4 paper that get pasted up with wallpaper paste. The one in this photo was installed at 65Grand in Chicago last year. It’s a joy how easy to transport and store they are. They can be be editioned endlessly, so that if someone has the disc it’s on, they can print up as many as they want and hang them anywhere. In the painting pictured here, Perky Pat Layout, you can see the image from another piece I made, Grape Disposition. It’s the squirted inky part. -Jasmine Justice, 2012

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