Tory Fair

In the Floor, 2010, resin, graphite, and glitter 4′ x 6′ x 2′
table and chairs cast in resin, flowers and stems cast in tinted flexible foam

Recently I made sculptures for a collaboration I did with dancer, choreographer Susan Dibble.  It was exciting and strange to see my sculptures on stage, under lights, and enlivened with movement….and sound!!  One of the things I love about sculpture is that it is still and quiet.  Seeing the sculptures on stage confirmed this love and opened me up to new ways to release my sculptures into the world. I love it all: seeing sculptures in “the white cube” of galleries and museums, in the landscape, and now….on stage!!  And I can’t help from wondering about incorporating this experience into a short film….sculpture as protagonist!!  -Tory Fair, 2012

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