Susan Carr

Untitled, oil painting on wood board frame w/ enamel paint, 9 x 10 inches

Canvas paper collage w/ enamel paint, oil stick, acrylic, 12 x 12 inches

I have found that collage is a great revealer of important insights and ways of working for me. The white canvas has always been somewhat daunting so putting scraps of paper together in an informed way is somewhat like doing personalized jigsaw puzzles, I can relax in my practice and have fun. I always have several collage going while I am painting. Collage also opens me up to new possibilities, and helps me to stay loose. I am now using various materials such as enamel paint and spray paint on my collage first, before trying them on a painting. I work back and forth, first on collage for a couple of hours then when I feel completely open I paint. This way of working just feels right to me. -Susan Carr, 2012

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