David Kelley

cartoosh 21, 2010, 16"x12", acrylic gouache on canvas


when i was a kid my mother used to make these meals that she would call “leftovers” which were basically whatever was left in the fridge thrown together in a stew or goulash. although it sounds downright awful nowadays it was a meal we all looked forward to with our collective mouths watering. what exactly would this next “leftovers” meal taste like?

i have a number of rejected paintings, materials and drawings hanging around the studio which have playfully taken the form of painted objects. these are in some ways my “leftovers”. they have a subliminal influence on myself and my wife but they also draw questions from visitors who are surprised that they have a subordinate and somewhat cast off status.

they have a greater status than most realize in that they are the fodder for other ideas and forms which might be realized as an offshoot in the future.

– david kelley, 2012

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