Kyle Gallup

Manhattan Marquee, 2011, painted paper, water based paints, graphite, silver leaf, lithographic print fragments, colored pencil on wood panel, 30” x 30”
Digital Photo of Marquee, 2011

I usually have my camera with me whenever I walk out the door. Taking snapshots in the city is a direct way for me to draw from life, collect images, and forage for ideas and narratives. However, in the studio photography takes a back seat. My process in the studio is all about synthesizing my physical and visual experiences. I keep the creative process as open as possible by layering paper fragments with paint and other materials until the collaged painting’s structure feels complete and stands on its own. I’m always surprised when I go back and look at photos from a particular day and see how they’ve left their impressions on a finished work.  -Kyle Gallup, 2012

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