Jesse Lambert

Future Butterfly #2, watercolor and ink on paper, 42" x 84", 2012
Tower of Carrot Noses, wood, paperboard, hydrocal, acrylic paint, 42"w x 44"h x 42"d, 2009
I don’t usually collaborate or work sculpturally. In 2009 I had an opportunity to collaborate with my wife, Linda Ganjian. Linda is primarily a sculptor. I was excited (and nervous) to do something three dimensional with her and learn something about the process of working collaboratively. Out of the five sculptures we made, “Tower of Carrot Noses” was not my favorite or the most interesting, but it certainly was the most unexpected. It continues to puzzle me. I also chose this one because it has a motif of branches with leaves which has been cycling through my work for the past decade or so even as my work has changed quite dramatically.

The “carrots” are inspired by a stuffed snowman with a carrot nose that was a favorite of our son’s when he was a baby. They are sculpted in clay, cast in hydrocal and painted with acrylic. The branches are made of wood dowel and the leaves are painted paper. Making sculpture was a huge leap for me and I was glad to have someone holding my hand and working with me. I could see myself making something three dimensional out of paper in the future.

-Jesse Lambert, 2012

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