Valerie Brennan

Wax Lyrical, acrylic and oil on wood, 40 x35 cm, 2012
Studio wall, all acrylic on paper, sizes vary

My work on paper and my paintings on wood have a very symbiotic relationship. I like hanging the paper work on my studio wall all together, I’m always adding and subtracting to it but the gang generally stays around this size. I think of them as multi vitamins- not my main source of nutrition but they keep my hair shiny.  -Valerie Brennan, 2012


  1. This is a wonderful blog as it shows how artists’ ideas bounce off many things, and don’t go in a straight line. It’s very inspiring, as it shows how the potential to create work can come from everything and anything. I don’t see any inconsistency in working from different points of approach, as it all feeds into the main, evolving idea. Great stuff!

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