Yifat Gat

Big whale, marble dust on aluminum plates. (Air gallery, Dumbo art centre , 2012. curated by Jennifer Wroblewski)
Rear Window, marble dust on windows. (Sluice, London, 2015, curated by Charlie Levin)
Alternating, acrylic on frame, 50x50cm, 2016

For few years now I been drawing on large glass surfaces. I cover them with marble dust and scratch through the powder. I started big and than went bigger, And kept looking for bigger places to draw. I never imagined drawing marble dust small till last October , during the ‘sluice’ London art fair , I was invited to draw an entire room filled with small windows. It was a beautiful sight, just next to the Tate modern on the river side. one could see london’s tourists monuments through the drawings. Specially in the evening the lights and all. I felt like I was doing a series of papers, so the whole intervention was very natural to my practice. Fast forward to few weeks ago I was looking for a ‘clean’ way to work, I been making such a mess lately and needed a new balance. The notion of the clean lines scratched into the paint stayed with me, I was looking into different surfaces I could use. When thinking about it at my studio I suddenly realized I could work directly on some framed works I had, from the outside. I generously covered them with my pink and worked on them with a pencil just like the London Windows. I feel like a new line of works has opened for me. I’m looking for frames everywhere now Looking for the kind I want to use. Maybe I will end up doing a big salad of all kinds…

–Yifat Gat, 2016

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