Jessica Snow

Say Hello to the New Pink, Oil on linen, 50" x 50", 2013
Say Hello to the New Pink, Oil on linen, 50″ x 50″, 2013
Caffe Roma design, 2013
Caffe Roma design, 2013

Inspiration for me comes from research into modern art history and design; this research sustains me, keeps my practice fresh, and provides me with ideas. Combining new ideas with playfulness and a fun-filled approach is what keeps my painting alive. The interlocking, curved shapes of my painting ‘Say Hello to the New Pink’ might come from multiple influences, from my study of Matisse to my interest in textiles.

I also find that sense of play in scarf design, which began for me with research into the history of scarves.  My favorite designers are Emilio Pucci and Vera Neumann, and I wanted to bring the beauty, bright color and playfulness of their scarves into my painting practice. The influence infused the high-minded seriousness of painting with the sense of fun I was seeking.

Then I began designing my own scarves. I quickly found out how difficult it is, as difficult as making a good painting, but for different reasons. Incorporating a border and making it visually  balanced from all directions, these are things I work out with many drawings before I get it right; my ‘Caffé Roma’ design began with many preliminary sketches. A beautiful scarf can fill the heart with joy in much the same way that a painting can, and this is why I plan to turn my ‘buddies of work’ into silk.  –Jessica Snow, 2014

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