Andrea Champlin

It's Complicated, 2011 Oil and acrylic on canvas 25" x 20"
Cocktail, 2009 Oil on canvas 24" x 30"

About the attached “buddy”:

This was completed in late 2009. I had been painting digitally-derived abstract paintings and hit a severe block — couldn’t finish a painting to save my life. This went on for a long time, until I took this photo of a cocktail after a trip to the Met. The reflection in the glass is of the wallpaper in the lounge, and the brown blob is my husband Adam’s reflection — he was sitting across from me. The photo reminded me of “absinthe drinker” paintings of the past. I was interested in the sense of “portal” or small moment of magic in the reflection, and the way that it seemed to be a glass of abstraction as well as a photo of a cocktail. I knew I wanted to paint it, but couldn’t figure out how to fit it in with my previous abstractions. I just went ahead and did it. It helped me to figure out what I love about painting; after I finished it I was able to move forward with my work.  –Andrea Champlin, 2012

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