Kirk Stoller

untitled (triclops)
untitled (pole)

Currently, my art practice seems to be divided into two expressions of form that strive to reach the same goal, but do so using different means. I would say that untitled (triclops) is the result of my primary sculptural impulse; a form which parasitically hugs the ground similar to the way we often look out into the world for our own stability.  We use whatever we have experienced, acquired, and developed faith in, to maintain our upright existence.  However, somewhere within me is also a singular strength. Though it appears less frequently in my work, making it my secondary sculptural form, it seems to represent an aspect of self that is autonomous.  Regardless of how visually precarious its effort might appear, untitled (pole) represents this notion as it remains standing using one solid base to support its various parts that rest one on top of each other. -Kirk Stoller, 2013

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