Daniel Heidkamp

Industrial Waves, 18×24 in, oil on canvas, 2012
Smokers, 18×24 in, oil on canvas, 2012

As part of my project over the past few years I’ve been making ‘on-the-spot’ observational paintings. Whenever I travel around, I usually bring my painting gear, and try to set up in front of anything that could make for art.  The two paintings shown here were made this summer in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  ‘Smokers’ is more of a sketch. I looked out of my studio window and saw three women smoking on the opposite stoop– I had to paint fast to get a semblance of the scene before their cigarette break ended.  I made ‘Industrial Waves’ today by the edge of New York harbor.  This painting is also quick, but I managed to capture the light and atmosphere mostly how I saw it.  In this sense I consider it a complete painting because I would not add or take anything away.  I might however go back to that spot later in the week and try another one.   –Daniel Heidkamp, 2012

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