Deborah Dancy

Dancing in the Dark, 2012, Oil on Canvas 60″ x 60″
Tender, digital print, 2007

My primary work is oil on canvas. In these works the images flirt between fragmented figuration and abstraction. There are elements of a quasi narrative being constructed but never completed. I always struggle with the works on canvas. In my head they are more weighty. I’m suspicious when they seem to come to quickly and I labor with them, constantly revising. I beat the canvas up- scrape paint away, put it back, trying to find the balance between right line that is both tentative and true, refined and awkward.

In Tender from 2007 I have manipulated the photo, layering it with altered book pages in photoshop, It’s almost like painting on the photograph.  I love the nest of sticks in my lap. They are oddly reminiscent of the forms in my paintings; those tenuous piles precariously balanced over the figures.  -Deborah Dancy, 2012

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