Dee Shapiro

Polyamory, ink and Flashe paint on paper , 32 x 40 inches, 2011
My Brook. A photo from bridge over Sandy Brook in the winter

Though I have recently changed direction, attention to color, form and geometry permeate my work even as I moved from pattern to small horizontal landscapes and cityscapes. In recent drawings in ink and Flashe paint on paper, I expand on past obsessions. Detail and repetition have always been part of my method in realizing my ideas. I see geometry in architecture, in natural and human forms and wherever I look in my environment. In my early work I color-coded the Fibonacci series of numbers, the proportions of which are contained in the golden mean, the spiral, the sunflower seed pod and even within the human figure. I am working more intuitively now in a repetitive and gestural way focusing on natural, biomorphic forms with a meditative, sexually suggestive, surreal, somewhat pictorial and even humorous approach.

I am awed by some of the beauty and complexity in creatures we do not readily see or exam. The photo of the microscopic cell is one of a number of images I search for inspiration. That image as well appears in the piece.  -Dee Shapiro, 2012

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