Karla Wozniak

Shoney’s, TN, 30 x 35 inches, oil on panel, 2012
Hermitage, TN (home of the president Andrew Jackson), digital photo, 2012

I’m deeply inspired by the boots-on-the-ground views of the American landscape of photographers like William Eggleston, Garry Winogrand, and Robert Frank. I sometimes think of my painting practice in part as an homage to these artists, except my photos are taken through the window of my Subaru, and I really take random cropping to an extreme. I use the photographs to record and remember specific details that I can then pull from when painting. The relationship to photography is tenuous in my final works, but it’s sometimes visible in certain cropping or flattening, a flash of graphic advertising, or specificity of detail embedded in the paintings’ morphing logic. Usually my photographs look like what they are – snapshots taken randomly out of the passenger (and sometimes the driver side) window, but occasionally I get lucky.  -Karla Wozniak, 2012


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