Tamara Gonzales

inked seraph, 36x30, spray paint on canvas, 2011
kitty marassa

Not sure why I paired these. Probably could have paired the sculpture kitty marassa with anything in my studio. Perhaps it’s the palette. Marassa are divine twins in the Voudon religion typically represented by the Catholic chromolith of St. Cosme and Damian or the three virtues: faith, hope and charity. The painting inked seraph is evocative of a stained glass cathedral window and now that I look at it more closely has 3 distinct panels which relates nicely with the Catholic trinity and twa marassa. That is the aspect of twins as 3 which technically speaking the sculpture is representing because of the three figures tied together. Seraphim are a branch of angels in the Catholic and Hebrew bible, the burning ones, makes me think of light. The darker color filling up the lower half of the canvas made me think of a tattoo and tattooing  light made me think of frozen light which made me think of the myth of fallen angels and maybe the creation of matter which gave me the title of the painting.

(And well we all know the internet is made of cats)

-Tamara Gonzales, 2012

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