Vincent Hawkins

Untitled, acrylic on card, 9" X 5"
bicycle in The Studio Loo

Today I realised the bicycle in The Studio Loo and the painting I have been making are closely related… Now I didn’t plan the painting, I very rarely plan any of my paintings, I just make them. Invariably, something which has made it’s way into the work that I was unaware of at the time sometimes will show up.

A few years ago I discovered our orange and white plastic salad servers from my kitchen had found their way into a painting, just a small, yet noticeable  reference to them. I think this is really interesting how we subconsciously and inadvertently allow things into painting. It happens all the time and is something I really enjoy about painting.

For quite sometime I have made observations in fellow artist’s studios, how some objects, forms, colours, laying around, appear in their work unbeknown to them and I it point out.It may be just a colour reference something seemingly quite insignificant.

 The painting I have included here is acrylic on card,about 9 inches by about 5. I wouldn’t say a primary work, but a  fairly good example of  how ignorantly absorbent  we are, collecting information without being fully aware of it and using it.

-Vincent Hawkins, 2012

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