EJ Hauser

cockadoodledoo, 2012, oil on canvas, 11 x 14 inches
superpages drawing, 2009, oil on newspaper photo, 4.5 x 6.5 inches

In 2006, I began to use newspaper to test the mix of oil paint and medium on my brush. In 2010, I began to make these brush tests on SUPERPAGES, an all yellow-pages directory. From the start, I was interested in saving and organizing these ‘tests,’ and over the years I realized I was creating an extended drawing series.

Within this SUPERPAGES series, I am attracted to the emergence-like patterns, the suggestion of fireworks, of waves, bird flocks, insect swarms, magnetic clusters, atomic particles, directional rays.

I enjoy the conceptual and compulsive pleasures to be had in the rhythmic painting over/crossing out of words, ads, obituaries, financial statistics, sports scores, world events, phone numbers, names.

These patterns and conceptual associations operate in tandem with the energies of my other drawings, paintings, and writing. I find these drawings valuable in their ability to simultaneously point towards the intentional and the unintentional during my process of discovery and making.

Therefore, these drawings are always some of what is hanging on the walls of my studio: sometimes in SUPERPAGES-only groups, sometimes alongside paintings, sometimes in groups of my other drawings.

Currently I am mixing the energy of the SUPERPAGES into the paintings.

-EJ Hauser, 2012

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