Julia Schwartz

ice III (always open windows), 2011, oil on canvas 48x48 inches
organizing principles 2010, construction of window screen frames

I am primarily a painter, and usually work in oil on canvas or linen.  When I travel I like to take more portable things, like book pages and watercolor pencils or gouache; but I always return to painting in oil.

This first image is from the Hollow Sea series.  In the previous series ( ‘the organizing principles’) I had been working with an idea of structures that organize us (humans) in the world, and although that idea was quite familiar to me as an abstract concept, I began to see it as a thing, a shape.   I wrote about it: “The image I am obsessed with is a kind of concretization of that phrase ‘organizing principle,’ because for the first time I saw it like a structure: birdcage, prison cell, house, antlers, architectural shape.”  This painting in particular was a response to a poem  ( ‘ice immobile in a hollow sea melts no more’ ) and was incorporating the idea of structure rather than figure.

The second image is a construction I made out of discarded window screens. I tore out the screen part, and the structure sits just outside my studio.  It changes shape now and again, deliberately, or due to unseen forces.  -Julia Schwartz, 2012


  1. I really like this idea and you keeping it around. It reminds me of the time in college I was trying to learn how to paint. My painting instructor finally said, Go make a painting of your sculpture! I was welding steel sculptures at the time. From then on I’ve been a painter.

  2. Hi Carla, thanks for your comment. And I probably have also ‘painted that sculpture,’ as elements of the environment outside and inside my studio make an appearance in my paintings often.

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