Sandi Slone

Further Out, 2011, Painting Oil, acrylic and mica on canvas, 62 x 62 inches
Urban Renewal, 2002-2204, acrylic, oil, film, collage on canvas on panel, 24"x36"

My 2001 show in Portland Oregon closed on Sept 8,  three days before the events of 9/11.  It was titled “Aftershock”.  My painting exhibition in NY the prior year  was titled “On The Beach”, from the 1959 post-apocalyptic movie and book.  I showed my large abstract paintings in the main gallery space  with an installation in the back project room.  The installation included  a floor painting , piles of pigmented sand , a performance, and some  photo collages that started with sculptural set-ups I had been doing along with my large abstract paintings. After 9/11, I couldn’t paint abstractly. I needed to explore further the narrative collages, sci-fi futuristic cities  containing  images of fragmented iconic buildings from around the world , anime figures, a lot of cut-up paint and transparent film . Eventually after 4 years this “buddy of  work” led me forward  with my abstract paintings.  -Sandi Slone, 2012

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  1. “After 9/11, I couldn’t paint abstractly.”
    This happened in my own work after some events and I said the exact thing about not being able to paint abstractly and needing some kind of narrative. Thanks for sharing these.

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