Daniel Rich

Bill Clinton’s Visit to Pyongyang. 2009, Enamel on Dibond, 16 x 21”

In 2009, Bill Clinton secured the release of two American journalists held prisoner by North Korea by flying to that country for negotiations. The source image for the painting above was a photograph on the cover of the NY Times.

Jalalabad, Afghanistan. 2011, Spray Enamel on paper and New York Times, 6 x 8" (with newspaper: 11 x 12")

I translate photographs into paintings that call attention to implicit political and social narratives transcribed in the built environment. The architectural image is represented in my work to introduce a dialogue about changing political power structures, failed utopias, the devastations caused by ideological struggles, war and natural upheavals. The media’s role in covering and presenting issues to the public is closely tied to a pictorial architecture, and its ability to act as an icon for political, religious and social systems and beliefs.

My works on paper present an opportunity for me to take chances and to explore. Based on and replacing the picture that appeared in the NY Times, this piece speaks to the crucial role communication and the Internet play in the political and social changes of power dynamics across the world. Re-presenting this image without the figures and re-framing it in the NY Times emphasizes the portable computer as the subject and designates specific attention to the development of technology everywhere.  -Daniel Rich, 2012

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